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Why Choose Us?

No upfront payments or out of pocket fees.
Return up to 50% of your unsold cards for no charge!
250 cities available for immediate delivery. Cards also ready for any city that we have covered, allowing sales to out of town relatives!
Guaranteed 50% profit! Larger profits available depending on order size, minimums, etc
More offers! Our cards have up to 40 businesses on each card (versus only up to 20 for our competitors).


  • We contact local businesses in your community to offer discounts.
  • Discounts are printed on a pocket sized laminated card which is reusable & valid for up to a year.
  • Your group receives the cards at NO UPFRONT COST.
  • When finished selling, return your unsold cards to us!
  • YOU WIN by fundraising for your team/club!
  • LOCAL BUSINESSES WIN by generating additional business!
  • CARDHOLDERS WIN by saving hundreds of dollars throughout the year!
  • Fill out the form on our “Getting Started/Free Card” page & one of our sales reps will contact you explain our program!

Cards are ready for delivery in 2-3 business days and we service over 250+ cities!

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please only apply if your group is interested in using our cards for a foundraiser.

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